For Boats up to 85 square feet

A Half-Gallon container of Speedcoat-49, with its catlayst

Half-Gallon of Speedcoat-49$137 A Half -Gallon of Speedcoat-49 is great for boats under 85 square feet, or less than 14 feet long. For example, most jon boats, some jet sleds, some bass boats, some deep water fishing boats, and other boats that are under 85 square feet.

For Boats up to 170 square feet

A gallon of Speedcoat-49 and its catalyst

A Gallon of Speedcoat-49$257 A Gallon of Speedcoat-49 is great for boats under 170 square feet, or 15 feet long and longer. Larger boats (over 170 square feet), will require multiple gallons. Gallons are best for pontoons, bigger jon boats, large jet sleds, large bass boats, and deep water fishing boats.

For Boats up to 850 sq. ft.

A 5-gallon pail of Speedcoat-49 – $1,255 – (volume discounted price of $251/gal) This 5-gallon pail will cover up to 850 square feet. 5 Gallon pails are great for larger boats, commercial boats, boat manufacturers, and professional applicators.

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